CAUMME - PAUMME 2018: International Symposium: Borders in Architecture and Urbanism in the Mediterranean and the Middle East

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Member, Advisory Committee & Conference Co-Chair - CAUMME PAUMME 2018.
International Symposium: Borders in Architecture and Urbanism in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Faculty of Architecture and Design, Bahçeşehir University (22-23 November 2018).

Borders in Architecture

We live in a world where several "borders" exist between the body and the soul, the man and the city, the building and the environment. May these borders be visible or invisible, they restrict the inner world of our consciousness together with the outer world with which we interact. In the search of new forms and methods, as designers, we need to understand the underlying geopolitical, ecological, urban and moral scenarios that shape the borders. Borders, boundaries, barriers, limits or edges, whatever we may call them, then may become inputs for designing new interfaces and intersections in the production of architectural / urban form and space.

CAUMME PAUMME 2018 addresses the meaning and the design approaches of borders in the theory and practice of architecture. What are the social, cultural, philosophical, political, economic and aesthetic reasons for spatial segregation within contemporary territories and cities? In the world of globalization and networks of exchange, what are the new limitations of space? What are alienating differences between interior and exterior, private and public, urban and suburban, local and global, real and virtual? Are spatial definitions and divisions more likely to weaken (if not totally erased) by effects of globalization and mobility, similar to the dissolution of borders between countries? Or, are local practices and measures likely to become more apparent with emerging trends such as sustainability and issues of identity?

CAUMME PAUMME 2018 calls for researchers and practitioners from various disciplines including architecture and design, engineering and technology, social, cultural and political studies, art and humanities to rethink the meaning of "borders". Under 'Symposium Tracks' menu you can find the main symposium tracks with related keywords which can further be broadened by authors.
Period1 Jan 201830 Nov 2018
Event typeConference
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