Keynote Speaker: Traditions, Trans-disciplinarity, and Design Knowledge as Architectures for Resilience

Activity: Talk or presentationInvited talk


University of Strathclyde (Department of Architecture), the Glasgow School of Art (Mackintosh School of Architecture) and University of Glasgow (Department of Urban Studies) have joined forces to organise this event which is the fifth in a series of symposia (listed below) organised since 2015 by the Department of Architecture at the University of Strathclyde and sponsored by several public organisations.

• 23 April 2015, Sustainability and Resilience of Buildings, Settlements, and the Natural Environment: research, practice and support for social innovation, sponsored by 2020 Climate Group Scotland
• 17 June 2016, Decision-making – Place Making: Frameworks, Processes, Practice, sponsored by Scottish Natural Heritage
• 16 June 2017, Social Innovation Systems for Building Resilient Communities, sponsored by the Royal Society of Arts Scotland
• 19 May 2018, Frameworks for Social Innovation in Planning for the Built Environment, sponsored by the Royal Society of Arts Scotland

From global context towards local solutions: In 2015, the speakers outlined the overarching aims of achieving sustainability and resilience of buildings, settlements and the natural environment, and highlighted the increasing impact of social innovation on research and practice in architecture and urban planning. In 2016, we explored in more depth decision-making frameworks, processes and practice that enable sustainable development of settlements. In 2017, the focus was on social innovation networks which emerge in response to social, economic and environmental disruptions. In 2018, a range of frameworks for integrating social innovation in urban planning interventions was presented and discussed. This year, the speakers from academia, architectural and urban practices, and public sector will present emerging solutions for sustainable and resilient cities which include social innovation in various forms that support user-centered practice and inclusive growth.
Architecture(s) for Resilience will pose new questions about the social value and impacts of designing for change and social equity. It will consider how joined-up thinking in both policy development and the planning system can impact a positive transformation for our communities. Reconsidering what constitutes architecture – both physical and virtual – in the twenty-first century, we will hear from academics and practitioners at the vanguard of the delivery of social infrastructure. Cognisant of the changes faced in modern society, we are invited to consider the nature of contribution and cooperation, open to learning from diverse disciplines and sectors of the economy.

Speakers: Along with the academics from the University of Strathclyde (Prof. Ashraf Salama, Head of the Department of Architecture), Glasgow School of Art (Prof. Brian Evans, Glasgow City Urbanist) and University of Glasgow (Lucille Tetley-Brown, Leverhulme Trust Scholar), the symposium programme includes a keynote from social architect Robert Mull, Head of School of Architecture and Design, University of Brighton, who leads a Global Practice Unit and collaborates on several projects related to the current refugee crises. Other contributions will come from Victoria and albert Museum, Impact Hub Birmingham, FutureGov, 00 Architecture & Studio Weave, Royal Society of Arts Scotland, Architecture and Design Scotland, Community Energy Scotland and Architecture Fringe 2019. In summary, the event will provoke a dialogue around the nature of an architecture for resilience, focused on the well-being of citizens.

Dimitrijevic, B. (Organiser)Salama, A. M. (Speaker)Horgan, D. (Speaker)Brian Evans (Speaker)Robert Mull (Speaker)Daniel McKendry (Speaker)Phillip Revell (Speaker)Lucille Tetley-Brown (Speaker)Jamie Cooke (Speaker)Immy Kaur (Speaker)Dominic Campbell (Speaker)Martin Fleischmann (Speaker)Alessandra Feliciotti (Speaker)Je Ahn (Speaker)Andy Summers (Speaker)
Period3 May 2019
Event titleArchitecture(s) for Resilience
Event typeSeminar
LocationGlasgow, United KingdomShow on map
Degree of RecognitionNational