Sonification and sonic interaction design for space

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Sonification represents (signifies) data through sound (like a Geiger counter for data). However, our understanding of the role played by aesthetics, embodiment, and spatial considerations in our listening to, and perception of, sonification is very limited. These aspects of sonification cannot be addressed except through an interdisciplinary approach.

In this cross-disciplinary workshop we will first introduce the notion of a shared perceptual space (SPS) as a phenomenal and conceptual framework through which sound masses can be perceived by sonification designers, scientists, artists and listeners.

Then we will introduce the concept of the Subject Position and how this might be used to ground sonification design. We will then explore and reflect on how the issues raised by the ideas above can be used to drive thinking in sonification design and listening
Period8 Nov 2019
Event typeWorkshop
LocationLondon, United KingdomShow on map
Degree of RecognitionNational