The Fashionable, Personal and Archival Spaces of Hair

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A symposium organised by the Fashion Research Network to accompany Hair by Sam McKnight.

Of all the body’s components, hair is perhaps the most ambiguous, being both corporeal and in many ways as much a fashion accessory as a bag, shoe or hat. Hair is an intrinsic yet expendable aspect of the self; an organic entity that we may alter almost infinitely. We cut, shape, and style it in order to transform an image, or regenerate an identity. In so doing we negotiate many, unspoken social and cultural rules. Away from the body, hair evokes mortality, histories, or serves as a keepsake, a reminder of the bodies to which it was once attached. The speakers featured in this interdisciplinary symposium will draw on the many meanings and connections of hair, by variously examining three arenas in which it may be considered: the personal space of the salon, the visual space of artistic practice and the archival space of the museum.
Period25 Nov 2016
Event typeConference
LocationLondon, United KingdomShow on map