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Andrew Richardson


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My research centres around the creation and exploration of creative data visualisations within cultural and heritage settings. I have a particular interest the application of interactive and immersive technologies to create visually rich digital experiences and encounters of literary texts across a range of 2D and 3D digital spaces.

I explore the use of code as a way of making, and have extensive experience in the application of coding and interacive technology in the creation of novel digial interactive experiences and visualisations.

My work is multi-disciplinary and I have worked on teams with literary and digital humanities academics to explore methods for developing experiential encounters with literary sources.

Previous projects include the generative visualisation of Wordsworth's poem The Prelude as an interactive 3D landscape, and the use of GPS and Augmented Reality to examine the visualisation of texts in virtual and real world spaces.  I was co-investigator on an AHRC funded Chronotopic Cartographies working with literary academics from Lancaster University, Edinburgh University and the British Library to explore the spatial representation of fictional literary texts in digital environments.


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