Peer Review College: Gold Standard Letter

  • Briggs, Jo (Recipient)

Prize: Other distinction


Dear Dr Briggs,

I am writing on behalf of the Arts and Humanities Research Council to thank you for your outstanding contributions to the work of the Council over the past year. As you will be aware, the Peer Review College is central to ensuring the robustness of the decision-making mechanisms of the AHRC. It is vital that it operates effectively and efficiently and that it holds the confidence of the academic community. College members play a critical role, not only in providing high quality reviews, but in informing and influencing the current work of the AHRC and its future direction.

We continually monitor contributions made by our College members. This is not only to maintain the quality standard of peer reviews, but also to identify College members who have made particularly significant and valuable contributions to our activities.

Whilst we are grateful to all our College members for their professionalism, diligence and generosity of their time and effort, you have been specifically nominated by AHRC Staff to receive this Gold Standard Letter because of your willingness to take on a Chairing role at our PRC Focus Group Event at Newcastle University with enthusiasm. We feel this is a significant contribution that is worthy of special recognition.

Your Vice Chancellor and Head of Department have been copied into this e-mail by way of notification of your outstanding contributions to the Peer Review College over the last academic year.

We are well aware that the support you provide to the work of the Peer Review College is in addition to many other commitments both within and outside your organisation. We therefore recognise and appreciate, all the more, the activities you have undertaken on behalf of the AHRC and thank you for the considerable commitment you have made.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Andrew Thompson Chief Executive, AHRC
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsArts & Humanities Research Council