Student Led Teaching Award Nomination 2020

  • Winnard, Andrew (Recipient)



Nominated for a student led teaching award for the third year in a row. Nomation text included the following comments from students: "When talking to him it is clear you're not just a faceless or nameless student. He takes a genuine interest in your progression and pushes you to be bigger and better. He sends research and learning opportunities of interest your way that can open up new doors for your future. He is really aware of the mental health issues that can sometimes impact students and creates a supportive environment in which we can be always do our best." "He always goes above and beyond with his lectures. He invites in guest speakers to discuss the topics (e.g. astronaut call in through skype) and his dedication to evidence-based teaching strategies lead to varied and interesting content that engages and sustains attention. You don't just feel like a number with him, you're not just a face in the crowd of other students, you feel a part of a team rather than just a part of a job."
Degree of recognitionLocal