Undergraduate Awards - Media and Journalism

Prize: Honorary award


My paper, entitled "Journalists’ Twitter coverage of the death of Margaret Thatcher", won the overall prize in the Media & Journalism category, representing City University London at the Undergraduate Awards 2015, the "Junior Nobel Prize" according to Silicon Republic.

In 2015,the UA received 5,117 submissions from students in 255 universities across 39 countries. They published my paper on their journal after the judges, a panel of academics from universities around the world, said:

"This is a really good piece of work - close to postgraduate level research - that provides valuable insights into an aspect of British journalism practice that may not have received sufficient attention in recent years. The manner in which the writer presented the argument was robust well structured. The writer framed the project well, thereby ensuring that the reader would clearly understand the way in which the argument progressed. The extensive reference list is a good indication of considerable research undertaken and of the writer's strong understanding of the topic in question. The paper's remarkable analysis and original ideas were well conveyed and developed by the writer."