A study of a range of antimicrobial agents against rhodococci

Amanda Jones, Audrey Nicholson, John Perry, Michael Goodfellow

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Rhodococci have predominantly been found to cause infection in patients where immunity is reduced by illness or immunosuppressent therapy, however an increase in the number of immunocompetent patients has occurred in recent years. Although a higher frequency of documented cases can be seen, there is still a difficulty for clinical laboratories to identify these pathogens and initiate treatment at the speed required to successfully treat the infection. The present study was designed to aid the compilation of treatment protocols for most types of rhodococcal infections. We performed MIC testing of 160 rhodococci from fifteen validly described species. Testing was performed with 20 antimicrobials in common clinical use. Rhodococci were found to be widely susceptible to glycopeptides, macrolides, rifampicin and many ß-lactam antibiotics. Resistance was typically found with methicillin, fosfomycin and aztreonam. Their susceptibility to many other agents was variable and occasionally correlated with species type. A comprehensive overview of the susceptibility of this increasingly important genus will be presented.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2001
Externally publishedYes
Event149th Ordinary Meeting of the Society for General Microbiology - Norwich, UK
Duration: 1 Sept 2001 → …


Conference149th Ordinary Meeting of the Society for General Microbiology
Period1/09/01 → …


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