AC+erm – 'Accelerating positive change in electronic records management'

Julie McLeod

Research output: Other contribution

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Project outputs freely available for use. • Research methodology • Systematic literature review on people, process and technology aspects of ERM, case studies and critical success factors • Delphi studies on people, process and technology aspects: Thematic analyses presented in different forms (e.g. text, graphs and tables, mind-maps, word clouds) and phenomenological analyses of selected issues, including actors and contexts; change management; cultural change; records management principles and methods • Colloquia 1–3 • Colloquium 4 Proceedings of the Third Northumbria Witness Seminar Conference • Vignettes: 11 different tools for discussion and workshops • Cynefin synthesis of people issues and solutions to help decision makers make sense of a range of business problems and situations, in dynamic contexts and take appropriate action (, to make the findings more readily used by practitioners in their own contexts • An organised list of key relevant resources (last updated in November 2009) Other resources: •Project blog: •A custom Google search engine for ERM, based on the principal websites identified in the resources document and other sites •Groups of web links on Sqworl offering a stripped-down categorised version of online resources
Original languageEnglish
PublisherNorthumbria University
Publication statusPublished - 2010


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