AC+erm – 'Accelerating positive change in electronic records management'

Julie McLeod

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This project critically explored issues and practical strategies to support accelerating the pace of positive change in managing electronic records (ERM). Its focus was on designing an organisation-centred architecture from three perspectives: 1. people including vision, awareness, culture, drivers and barriers 2. working practices including processes, procedures, policies and standards 3. technology in terms of the design principles for delivering effective recordkeeping. The investigation considered what (if any) vision organisations had for their office environment; their vision of recordkeeping in the context of their mission; the drivers and influencers for ERM (e.g. risk management, compliance, corporate governance), and the barriers to implementing ERM. It used a novel combination of methods (systematic literature review, virtual Delphi Studies, and our face-to-face colloquia) and a blog to disseminate ideas and findings regularly to the widest possible audience ( The project ran from 2007-2010 and was funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council, UK. Project outputs are freely available at the related link below. Note: AC+erm is pronounced āsirm; the + is silent, and simply indicates that positive change.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherNorthumbria University
Publication statusPublished - 2010


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