Aerospace Medicine Systematic Review Group Protocol Template

Andrew Winnard

Research output: Other contribution


This form can be used as is, or as a guide for your own form. It is based on the forms used by Cochrane Groups, so conforms to high standards from medical research. You should have already completed a question refinement form before making a protocol. The protocol should draw on the question refinement and add in the required details, so that anyone could repeat your review. Ideally the final review should not deviate significantly from the protocol, so it is important to get it correct and high quality at this stage. You can ask advice from the AMSRG to complete the protocol and then register it with the group once it is complete. While the Aerospace Medicine Systematic Review Group is not a Cochrane group, it is useful to work to the gold standard requirements of Cochrane to ensure aerospace reviews are considered rigorous.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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