Ageing in a Digital World

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This podcast, "Ageing in a Digital World", considers findings from a research study carried out by Dr Gemma Wilson, Mrs Jessica Gates, Dr Santosh Vijaykumar, and Dr Deborah Morgan.

This podcast was funded by the British Academy as part of a study funded by BA/Leverhulme Small Grants Fund.

Each individual’s name used in this podcast, is a pseudonym, and all other identified names have been removed to comply with ethical guidelines.

This is an educational non for profit project, carried out by the research team at Northumbria and Swansea Universities.

We would like to sincerely thank the participants that took part in this research project.

For further information please contact Dr Gemma Wilson at or via twitter @drgemmawilson

Music Credits:
Opening and closing music track by Aidan Gates
A Quiet Thought by Wayne Jones
Tupelo Train by Chris Haugen
Sunshine Samba by Chris Haugen
Chords of Harmony by Aakash Gandhi
Green Green Garden by Chris Haugen
Si Senorita by Chris Haugen
Fresh Fallen Snow by Chris Haugen
Skype Call Remix by ORU Music, Channel Link:
Original languageEnglish
TypeAgeing in a Digital World podcast
Media of outputPodcast
Publication statusPublished - 9 Apr 2020


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