An international survey in postgraduate training in Oral Medicine

Helen Rogers, Thomas Sollecito, David Felix, Juan Yepes, Mark Williams, Joseph D’Ambrosio, Tim Hodgson, Linda Prescott-Clements, David Wray, Alexander Ross Kerr

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The aim of this preliminary study was to investigate postgraduate Oral Medicine training worldwide and to begin to identify minimum requirements and/or core content for an International Oral Medicine curriculum. Countries where there was believed to be postgraduate training in Oral Medicine were identified by the working group. Standardized emails were sent inviting participants to complete an online survey regarding the scope of postgraduate training in Oral Medicine in their respective countries. We received 69 total responses from 37 countries. Of these, 22 countries self-identified as having postgraduate Oral Medicine as a distinct field of study, and they served as the study group. While there is currently considerable variation among Oral Medicine postgraduate training parameters, there is considerable congruency in clinical content of the Oral Medicine syllabi. For example, all of the training programs responded that they did evaluate competence in diagnosis and management of oral mucosal disease. This preliminary study provides the first evidence regarding international Oral Medicine postgraduate training, from which recommendations for an international core curriculum could be initiated. It is through such an initiative that a universal clinical core syllabus in postgraduate Oral Medicine training may be more feasible.
Original languageEnglish
JournalOral Diseases
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 8 Mar 2011


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