Cosmopolitan Encounters in Development Education

Darryl Humble

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If development education involves helping people to develop "the skills, attitudes and values which enable people to work together to take action to bring about change and take control of their own lives" through a thorough understanding of the "links between people living in the "developed" countries of the North with those of the "developing" South" (Development Education Association 2007) then development education has the potential to recognise itself as a form of cosmopolitan practice. This paper will explore the processes and histories of development education NGOs in the UK who have, since the 1960s, created a range of encounters with development. In making links between theories of cosmopolitanism and the (under-researched) practices of development education I intend on exploring in more detail the shifting forms of cosmopolitanism that underpin development education practice. Through an analysis of shifting national and international contexts (over the last thirty years) I will argue that development education practice has been shaped notions of purpose and process which have at times been shaped by cosmopolitan uncertainty.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 18 Apr 2010
EventAmerican Assocation of Geographers, Annual General Meetings 2010 - Washington DC, USA
Duration: 18 Apr 2010 → …


ConferenceAmerican Assocation of Geographers, Annual General Meetings 2010
Period18/04/10 → …


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