Determination of triazine herbicides in environmental samples

John Dean, George Wade, Ian Barnabas

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The extraction and subsequent chromatographic analysis of the triazine herbicides from environmental samples is reviewed. Particular emphasis is focused on the extraction of the herbicides from aqueous samples (e.g. natural waters). For completeness, however, an indication of the methods used for extraction from solids (e.g. soils) is also included. The range of chromatographic separation techniques involved in the separation and subsequent detection are described. Advantages and drawbacks of both the extraction and chromatographic analysis are discussed. The characteristics of the extraction methodology and chromatographic techniques involved for the determination of the triazine herbicides are summarised and future developments outlined.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)295-335
JournalJournal of Chromatography A
Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - May 1996


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