Dynamic Behavior of Droplet Impact on Inclined Surfaces with Acoustic Waves

Seyedmehdi Hosseini Biroun, Mohammad Rahmati, Ran Tao, Hamdi Torun, Mehdi Jangi, Richard Fu

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Droplet impact on arbitrary inclined surfaces is of great interest for applications such as antifreezing, self-cleaning, and anti-infection. Research has been focused on texturing the surfaces to alter the contact time and rebouncing angle upon droplet impact. In this paper, using propagating surface acoustic waves (SAWs) along the inclined surfaces, we present a novel technique to modify and control key droplet impact parameters, such as impact regime, contact time, and rebouncing direction. A high-fidelity finite volume method was developed to explore the mechanisms of droplet impact on the inclined surfaces assisted by SAWs. Numerical results revealed that applying SAWs modifies the energy budget inside the liquid medium, leading to different impact behaviors. We then systematically investigated the effects of inclination angle, droplet impact velocity, SAW propagation direction, and applied SAW power on the impact dynamics and showed that by using SAWs, droplet impact on the nontextured hydrophobic and inclined surface is effectively changed from deposition to complete rebound. Moreover, the maximum contact time reduction up to ∼50% can be achieved, along with an alteration of droplet spreading and movement along the inclined surfaces. Finally, we showed that the rebouncing angle along the inclined surface could be adjusted within a wide range.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)10175–10186
Number of pages12
Issue number34
Early online date7 Aug 2020
Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2020


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