Effect of CMV-seropositivity on acute outcome of acute myocardial infarction

Evgeniya Shmeleva, Santosh Murali, Karim Bennaceur, Stephen Todryk, Ioakim Spiridopoulos

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CMV-seropositive individuals are more susceptible to coronary heart disease and death from myocardial infarction (MI). To study the potential effects of CMV-seropositivity on the acute course of MI, we monitored 29 CMV-seropositive and 23 CMV-seronegative patients with acute MI. Blood samples were taken in the first 24 h and 3 months after MI. Absolute counts of lymphocyte subpopulations (FACS), immune response to specific and nonspecific antigens (ELISPOT), 31 cytokines in serum (MSD Multi-SpotAssaySystem) and levels of CMVIgG, cardiolipin-IgG and anti-endothelial cell antibodies (ELISA) were assessed. Results: CMV-seropositive patients had increased absolute counts of CD27-negative effector memory and TEMRA T-cells as well as NK cells compared with CMV-seronegative patients (P <0.05). CMV-seropositive individuals had a lower level of EBV-specific immune response and a higher PHA-nonspecific response (P <0.05). CMV-seropositive and seronegative patients only varied in serum levels of IL-16 (173 � 83 pg/ml versus 243 � 71 pg/ml respectively; P = 0.029) and IP-10 (275 � 107/ml versus 175 � 87 pg/ml respectively; P = 0.009) in the acute stage of MI. There were no differences in clinical parameters and cardiac MRI results between the two groups. Results showed higher serum levels for IL-17A, IP-10 and IL-10 as well as responses to EBV and PHA for CMV-seropositive individuals (P <0.05) at 3 months. No rise in titres for CMV-IgG, no new appearances of cardiolipin-IgG and anti-endothelial cell antibodies were noticed at 3 months compared with the acute stage for either group. Conclusion: According to our results CMV-seropositivity does not influence the severity and immediate outcome of acute MI. Acute MI itself does not promote acceleration of autoimmunity.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2014
EventBSI 2014 - Brighton, UK
Duration: 1 Dec 2014 → …


ConferenceBSI 2014
Period1/12/14 → …


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