Exploration of digital entrepreneurship – online home based businesses through empirical analysis

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Digital entrepreneurship is a broad domain and includes businesses predominantly operating online, such as online retailers, portals, community sites and also businesses providing services to enable other businesses to operate online, such as web designers, platform providers and operators. This research focused online home based businesses on any stage of business development, for example start-up or grown, and focus on any aspect, such as raising finance, establishing networks or developing marketing approaches. This research uses systematic review and empirical analysis considering the theoretical lens of effectuation as research methods. The outcomes of this research are: • Characteristics of online home based entrepreneurs and businesses, and developed a model of entrepreneur-venture fit • Certain challenging demands, such as engendering feelings of isolation • Entrepreneurial opportunities to groups and individuals who may be otherwise excluded This study is important since it provides empirical evidence and a theoretically grounded understanding of how online businesses offer the opportunity to break out of the low growth, low margin and enter high growth, high margin, post-industrial sectors. In future, we plan to work on grey literature related to online home based businesses.


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