FBG-based reconfigurable bidirectional OXC for 8×10 Gb/s DWDM transmission

Shien-Kuei Liaw, Pei-Shih Tsai, Hsiang Wang, Hoa Le Minh, Zabih Ghassemlooy

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The paper presents a bidirectional high-speed, power-compensated, 3×3 reconfigurable and multiwavelength optical cross-connect (RMB-OXC) for all-optical networks. RMB-OXC characteristics and its performance are experimentally verified in a bidirectional 8-channel×10 Gb/s capacity system. The optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) is achieved of 18.4 dB corresponds to a BER of 5×10−10. The channel cross-connect function was demonstrated by incorporating RMB-OXC in an 50 km lightwave system. We have observed only ~0.5 dB power penalty in the bidirectional transmission in comparison to the unidirectional transmission. The proposed RMB-OXC has vast potential and it can be utilized in many applications in high-speed wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) networks.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)154-159
JournalOptics Communications
Early online date22 Sept 2015
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2016


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