Implementation of a Local Authority workplace strategy

Bob Giddings, Vladimir Ladinski

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Purpose - This paper aims to examine the implementation of a workspace strategy within Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council. It identifies the efficiencies that were achieved through the increase in office workspace numbers, as well as the associated advantages of locating more people within the Civic Centre. Equally, this study examines the users’ perspective. Design/methodology/approach - A survey was carried out in 2013, with Property and Design Services as a sample Council Department, to identify employees’ level of satisfaction with the implementation of the strategy. A paper-based questionnaire was handed to all participants. The primary comparison was their experience before and after changes to the workplace. Findings - The results show that government targets for office space utilisation have been exceeded, thus supporting more efficient property asset management. The research has also established that the employees are generally satisfied with their new workspace. Research limitations/implications - The issues are whether the reduced space per person can be mitigated by the design, and whether efficiency gains can be introduced without adversely affecting the users’ perception of their workplace. Practical implications - The findings can guide future trends within the Council, as well as informing the implementation of similar workspace strategies in other organisations. Originality/value - The originality of the study lies in a workspace strategy where the responses of users were taken seriously. Despite some concerns about distractions and lack of privacy, the employees responded that their overall satisfaction, and perceived productivity were unaffected by the strategy and reduced space per person.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)196-218
Issue number3/4
Publication statusPublished - 2016


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