Investigating Smart City Development Based on Green Buildings, Electrical Vehicles and Feasible Indicators

Armin Razmjoo*, Meysam Majidi Nezhad, Lisa Gakenia Kaigutha, Mousa Marzband, Seyedali Mirjalili, Mehdi Pazhoohesh, Saim Memon, Mehdi A. Ehyaei, Giuseppe Piras

*Corresponding author for this work

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With a goal of achieving net-zero emissions by developing Smart Cities (SCs) and industrial decarbonization, there is a growing desire to decarbonize the renewable energy sector by accelerating green buildings (GBs) construction, electric vehicles (EVs), and ensuring long-term stability, with the expectation that emissions will need to be reduced by at least two thirds by 2035 and by at least 90% by 2050. Implementing GBs in urban areas and encouraging the use of EVs are cornerstones of transition towards SCs, and practical actions that governments can consider to help with improving the environment and develop SCs. This paper investigates different aspects of smart cities development and introduces new feasible indicators related to GBs and EVs in designing SCs, presenting existing barriers to smart cities development, and solutions to overcome them. The results demonstrate that feasible and achievable policies such as the development of the zero-energy, attention to design parameters, implementation of effective indicators for GBs and EVs, implementing strategies to reduce the cost of production of EVs whilst maintaining good quality standards, load management, and integrating EVs successfully into the electricity system, are important in smart cities development. Therefore, strategies to governments should consider the full dynamics and potential of socio-economic and climate change by implementing new energy policies on increasing investment in EVs, and GBs development by considering energy, energy, techno-economic, and environmental benefits.
Original languageEnglish
Article number7808
Pages (from-to)1-15
Number of pages15
Issue number14
Publication statusPublished - 13 Jul 2021


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