Limelight: Cardiff Contemporary & Llangattock Lime Kiln

Charles Danby, Rob Smith

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


Limelight (2016-20) aims to establish terms through which limestone as a geological material with industrial application, presents and holds agency. It aims to determine how exposures of limestone’s material agency are intrinsic to understanding the representations and experiences of its landscapes. It considers this in relation to the transforming phases of industrial limestone landscapes in the UK. Limelight (Cardiff Contemporary & Llangattock Lime Kiln) was one of ten commissioned exhibitions for Cardiff Contemporary, a biennial of contemporary art. It was funded by PEAK and Cardiff Contemporary, and developed and delivered in partnership with the BBC and Arts Alive Wales through a Digital Innovation Fund For Arts In Wales and NESTA grant. A limelight illumination, at a restored lime kiln at Llangattock in the Black Mountains Welsh National Park, using an apparatus developed by the artists, was broadcast by the BBC through the internet and into an exhibition space in Cardiff. The duration of the limelight illumination at Llangattock was contingent to the material behaviour of quicklime as it was heated to temperatures in excess of 2000ºc emitting a bright white light. The limelight illumination in Llangattock provided a real-time base for a performance event in Cardiff. The two artists live-mixed pre-recorded video and sound from extraction and industrial infrastructure limestone sites in the Black Mountains, and two performers projected and moved these images around the space and through the audience through rehearsed choreography. A film work of the live event was presented for the remainder of the exhibition.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherCardiff Contemporary
Publication statusPublished - 19 Nov 2016


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