Progressive Dehydration in Junior Laser Class Sailors During World Championship

Giannis Arnaoutis, Panagiotis Verginadis, Adam D. Seal, Ioannis Vogiatzis, Labros S. Sidossis, Stavros A. Kavouras

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The purpose of this manuscript is to assess hydration status of elite young sailing athletes during World Championship competition. 12 young elite male Laser Class sailors (age: 15.8±1.1 y, height: 1.74±0.1 m, weight: 65.1±1.5 kg, body fat: 12.5±3.1%, training experience: 7.0±1.2 y) participated in this descriptive study. After three-day baseline bodyweight measurements, hydration status was assessed via pre- and post-race body weights, urine specific gravity, and thirst ratings via a visual analog scale during 4 consecutive days of racing. Measurements and data collection took place at the same time each racing day, with mean environmental temperature, humidity, and wind speed at 23.0±0.8 oC, 64-70% and 9±1 knots, respectively. Average racing time was 130±9 min. Body weight was significantly decreased following each race-day as compared to pre-race values (day 1: -1.1±0.2, day 2: -2.5±0.1, day 3: -2.8±0.1, and day 4: -3.0±0.1% of body weight; P<0.05). The participants exhibited dehydration of -2.9±0.2 and -5.8±0.2% of body weight before and after the 4th racing day as compared to the 3-day baseline body weight. Urine specific gravity (pre – post day 1: 1.014-1.017; day 2: 1.019-1.024; day 3: 1.021-1.026; day 4: 1.022-1.027) and thirst (pre – post day 1: 2.0-5.2; day 2: 3.2-5.5; day 3: 3.7-5.7; day 4: 3.8-6.8) were also progressively and significantly elevated throughout the four days of competition. The data revealed progressive dehydration throughout four consecutive days of racing as indicated by decreased body weight, elevated urine concentration, and high thirst.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)75-81
Number of pages18
JournalInternational Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 19 Jan 2018


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