RETS Revisited : Connecting renewables to the grid - a report by the Transmission Working Group of the Department of Trade & Industry

Sara White

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The aim of RETS Revisited is to review the progress that has occurred since the original RETS Report in June 2003. Given the large amount of wind generation planned, and the fact that much of it does not yet have planning consent or firm grid connection offers, it was felt that it would be helpful to take a further strategic look forward, rather than simply relying on the existing system to react to individual connection applications as and when required. RETS Revisited therefore: K considers the current likely volumes of new renewable generation, the timescales for this generation to be ready for connection to the transmission system and transmission issues impacting on the delivery of projects. K considers the effects on costs to the consumer of the rate of development of the transmission system in accommodating renewable energy to meet Government targets. K makes recommendations for action in order to connect sufficient renewables to meet the 2010 target and the aspirations beyond to 2020. Government policy is clear on the requirement for more renewable energy, and there is a market instrument, the Renewables Obligation, in place until 2027 which is driving the development of renewable projects. The Energy White Paper in 2003 recognised the need for the remodelling of the transmission grid to accept generation in new locations. Wind will be the technology capable of delivering significant capacity by 2010 and beyond. By its very nature the technology has limited ability to respond to locational price signals. In order for new generation projects to be connected, there needs to be a parallel development of transmission infrastructure. Transmission upgrades of over £560m were approved by Ofgem in December 20041. These will assist the flows of electricity from Scotland. There is a need to ensure that these projects are not unduly delayed in construction. A review of the need for the linkage between upgrades to the Scotland-England interconnectors and Beauly-Denny line should be carried out now.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationLondon, UK
PublisherDepartment of Trade and Industry
Number of pages26
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2005
Externally publishedYes


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