The Lancaster Care Charter

Paul Rodgers, Giovanni Innella, Craig Bremner, Ian Coxon, Cara Broadley, Alessia Cadamuro, Stephanie Carleklev, Kwan Chan, Clive Dilnot, James Fathers, Jac Fennell, Chris Fremantle, Tara French, Diogo Pereira Henriques, Peter Lloyd Jones, Richard Kettley, Sarah Kettley, Mashal Khan, Karl Logge, Jen Archer-MartinLynn-Sayers McHattie, Robert Pulley, Dina Shahar, Gemma Teal, Saurabh Tewari, Cathy Treadaway, Emmanuel Tsekleves, Hamed Moradi Valadkeshyaei, Jonathan Ventura, Trudy A. Watt, Heather Wiltse, Euan Winton

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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