The Trial of Faith

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The Trial of Faith is framed by drawing inspiration from the life story of Joan of Arc to explore themes of dysfunctional patriarchy, the futility of war and strong female warriors. The performance invites an audience to review the segments of this story rooted in documented fact and appropriated with a new interpretation. As the process invited the director to engage both intimately and at a distance through directing using social media forms. This supports the reframing of Joan and invites questions about stereotypes, architypes, martyrs and saints and the key role of documentary evidence as a source for a contemporary script using to support the investigation into these listed themes.

1. Reinterpretation of Joan of Arc from known fearless, armour clad, unwavering force, sensitive, tragic, highly-strung maiden to innocent, illiterate teenager, defiant in her beliefs and acutely aware at the injustice levelled at her actions.
2. Explore directing through social media the creative team interacted through Skype, Facetime, Whats App, email and text throughout the creative process Arnfield was based in Greece and the UK and the creative team moved between rehearsals in the USA - Chicago to NYC
3. Develop strategies for further collaboration across continents with creative work utilising social media

An enquiry into objectivity and subjectivity can be raised and measured when the approach to direct this play, literally at a distance whilst intensively embedded within the project at all stages. The technical rehearsal was conducted through Skype and the role of the director was deemed more present although not actually present in the theatre in reality. In rehearsal and performance, through using social media forms to engage there was an ability to step away from the material and use biographical narrative methodology to reframe Joan’s experiences sourced from factual evidence.

The play was selected to be part of the Hudson Guild Theatre Winter Festival NYC in January 2018

Original languageEnglish
TypeUtilising the condemnation trial texts of 1431, The Trial of Faith, examines Joan of Arc’s relationships under the gaze of three men who played an integral role in her life this practice - as research focuses on female heroism, justice and memory
Media of outputPerformance
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2018


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